Who Are We?

Who We Are? 

We are the Legacy MFM team working in conjunction with Randall Children's Hospital subspecialists to provide the most up to date, compassionate, state of the art care for your baby.  Our team consists of our main point of contact, Sonja Erlandson who is in charge of the program.  She works closely with our MFM providers, our licensed clinical social workers, licensed psychiatric nurse practioiner, and all of the clinical support staff of the MFM office until your baby is born.  We are in close contact with all of the pediatric subspecialists at Randall Children's Hospital that may be involved with your baby's care after birth.   


What We Do? 

Having a child that may face challenges can be stressful.  Our goal at the Fetal Therapy Center is to lead you through the process of visitng with the people at the intensive care nursery along with any pediatric subspecialists (cardiology, surgery, neurology...) that are needed to provide you with the knowledge and understanding of what to expect after your baby is born.  Though your pregnancy will be considered "high risk", our goal is to "de-medicalize" your pregnacy and make your experience as "normal" as possible.  As the big day approaches, we coordinate the timing of the delivery with our pediatric colleagues so everyone is aware and ready for the big arrival.  We want to be with you every step of the way to make this journey as stressfree and as enjoyable as possible. 


Why We Do It? 

Everyone hopes to have a healthy baby.  When a concern is raised about a possible birth defect, this can generate a flood of emotions and concerns that effect the whole family.  Our mission to to help lead you through this stressful process and provide as much information as you need to make the best decisions for you and your family.   Our pediatric colleagues enjoy meeting with you during the prenatal period to discuss the management and outcomes for your child.  The staff of the intensive care nursery will also meet with you and give you a tour of the nursery.  It is a beautiful, family oriented facility that allows you to room in with your baby 24/7 that helps solidify bonding which is so important during the first few days of life.  A Ronald McDonald House is also located on campus that is available to our out of town families to allow intermittent breaks from the hospital environment.


Where We Are? 

We are located in the Legacy Emanuel Maternal Fetal Medicine office on Graham Street.  To schedule an appointment or for further information, click on the link for the Legacy Emanuel office to be connected to our front office.