What do we do in genetics?

Genetics is complicated.  Whether you are seeing the counselor because you are over the age of 35, your screening test is high risk for Down syndrome, an abnormality is seen on ultrasound, or your family history is suggestive of a hereditary condition, they will explain each situation in a compassionate, thoughtful, supportive, easy to understand manner.  Our counselors will review your specific situation and answer your questions until you are fully informed of the options available so as to provide as much information as you need or desire to move forward with your pregnancy.  They are here to support you in all decisions regarding your pregnancy management and can help arrange meetings with other experts or support groups, thus providing a complete and comprehensive team approach to your care.  Their invovlement does not end with your appointment.  They are available to discuss additional questions that arise after you leave and can help facilitate addional testing on the baby if this is necessary.  

Genetic Patient Questionnaire:  Families scheduled to meet with a genetic counselor are asked to fill out this form.  Feel free to review the questions with your and the father of the baby's families before your appointment.  You can also print it out and bring it filled out to your appointment.

Helping You Navigate Your Options:  Here is a booklet that provides a brief description of some of the more common testing options you will be offered.

What is a genetic counselor?  A link to the National Society of Genetic Counselors that explains the role of genetic counselors in medicine.