Ultrasound Team

Ultrasound may be the biggest focus of our practice.  For that reason, we have state of the art equipment with experienced sonographers who have a passion for their job.  They want to make your experience as memorable as possible but also need to concentrate.  They want to see everything possible on your baby and make sure your baby is healthy and growing well.  We have a check list of nearly 50 items that we try to see.  It is essentially a physical examination of your baby while it is still inside the womb.  Though it is fun and exciting, it still is a medical procedure that requires the utmost concentration.  Therefore, we ask that you are respectful of the sonographers work and their space.  The office policy is for no videotaping or pictures to be taken during the examination.  Asking to go back to see something can be quite distracting and result in the sonographer potentially missing a important portion of the examination.  We will give you pictures to take with you at the end of the examination. 

The quality of the examination is dependent on many factors including the position of the baby, where the placenta is, the amount of amniotic fluid, how far along in the pregnancy and such.  It may take an hour to obtain all of the pictures we need and sometimes, we still can’t obtain all the images necessary.  Therefore, it is quite common for patients to return in 2-3 weeks to “complete the anatomy”.  Also because we often times need the full hour, we ask that you are on time.  Arriving late will limit the time we can spend on your baby and may also result in the rescheduling of your entire appointment.