Oftentimes it seems like it is a complicated, time consuming process to refer a patient to any subspecialist.  Our goal is to try and streamline the contact with Legacy MFM as much as possible for you and your patient.  We know that a quick response is of the essence whether it is a middle of the night transfer of a complicated patient, an outpatient who needs to be seen promptly because of a suspicious ultrasound finding, a patient needing to have her ultrasound ASAP because she is nearly out of the window for a nuchal translucency, or any other situation where promptness is essential .  This page will help you navigate our system quickly and easily


ONE CALL  This is a link to the One Call webpage tha allows you to access specialists throughout the Legacy system for a transfer or just a consultation.  You will be put in contact with a patient care specialist who will connect you with the provider you need, MFM in this case.  On the line at the same time with the MFM call doctor is usually the labor and delivery charge nurse and oftentimes, the OB hospitalist.  Therefore, report only has to be given one time.  Also, the patient care specialist will help arrange for the transfer of the patient if this is necessary.  To save time, here is the phone number 1-800-500-9111.  

If, for some reason you cannot access ONE CALL, the number to Legacy Emanuel labor and delivery is 503-413-4278 and Legacy Salmon Creek labor and delivery is 360-487-4300.  These numbers can be called for a maternal transport and the charge nurse can call the MFM provider on call.   However, it is better to access ONE CALL whenever possible so report can be given to all of those involved and our activity can be tracked.  

REFERRAL FORMS  This is a link to the Legacy webpage that connects you to all the referral forms that you need and the information, such as fax numbers, to route the referral to the appropriate office.  

Also, to make the process easier, you or your patient can go "old school" and just pick up the phone and call our office to arrange for an outpatient visit.  

For those who use Epic as their electronic medical record, there is a way that the referrals can be sent through Epic to our office.  One of our office staff would be happy to assist your office in reviewing this process either over the phone or set up a personal visit to "walk through" the steps so it becomes second nature.

Finally, patient's who are in the Legacy system can sign up for My Health which gives them access to their labs, can email their providers, and can schedule appointments from their mobile device or desktop