Nursing Team and Medical Assistants

Our nurses and medical assistants are the grease the keeps the wheels of the clinic moving, the true unsung heroes working in front and behind the scenes.  They are always available to answer your phone calls and if they don’t have the answer, they will find it for you.  Our nurses review the labs and call you with the results.  They are there to lend an ear or a shoulder, or whatever the situation calls for.  The insight our experienced nurses gain when interviewing the patients is an invaluable resource for the providers.  It is what helps make the patient whole and allows the entire patient to receive care, not just the pregnancy.  Moms need to be healthy to help their baby be healthy.  The experience and knowledge our nurses have with the wide range of pregnancy issues we encounter can provide much needed reassurance before the provider even enters the room.  It is a true team effort, working together to provide the best care and experience for all the patients.