Genetic testing websites

Because genetic testing is highly specialized, many of our tests are sent out of the Legacy system for testing.  Below are the websites of the companies perform testing for many of the genetic tests that we offer.  In addition to our genetic counselors, these websites may be helpful in providing more information on the specific tests, the cost, and other concerns. 

Since many genetic tests are sent outside of Legacy, not all testing ordered through Maternal Fetal Medicine may be in network with your insurance even if our doctors or health system are in network for you.  While we work to obtain authorization for any testing we may recommend, we are unable to determine what a patient's out of pocket cost will be when they choose to proceed with genetic testing through their insurance.  If you are interested in carrier screening, contacting Counsyl directly will be the most informative step to help determine your potential costs.  If you are interested in cfDNA screening, we recommend calling Ariosa/Harmony directly and speaking with one of their billing specialists to discuss your specific costs.

Counsyl Carrier Testing Link

Counsyl Billing Link

Counsyl Financial Assistance Link

Ariosa/Harmony Website

Ariosa/Harmony Client Service Website