Genetics is a rapidly evolving speciality.  Here at Maternal Fetal Medicine, we are lucky to have three genetic counselors on our staff to help our patients navigate the prenatal genetic screening and diagnostic testing options that are available.   At Legacy Matenral Fetal Medicine, our goal is to identify the best testing options for our families, while recognizing that for some families no genetic testing is their best choice.   Click here for video that walks through some of the testing options, considerations, and decisions families might make.  Click here for the same video in Spanish.

We recommend that all women who are followed by Maternal Fetal Medicine, sit down and meet with a genetic counselor to review thier testing options.  We want to give the doctor as much time as possible during  your visits to focus on the health of you and your baby, so we schedule a separate appointment with a genetic counselor to review the testing options.

A typical genetic counseling appointment consists of reivewing the genetic testing options available and taking a family history.  It is important to have the family history of both the patient and the father of the baby.  Additionally, some genetic testing options will be offered to the father of the baby.  Therefore, we encourage fathers to attend the genetic counseling appointment when possible.  Given the number of testing options and the fact that many tests involve a blood draw, families are scheduled to meet with a genetic counselor for an hour. 

Common indicatations you might be offered genetic counseling:

  • Moms over age 35 at delivery
  • High risk results for Down syndrome or other conditions
  • Changes identified on ultrasound
  • Personal or family history of a genetic condition
  • Personal history of multiple miscarriages
  • Personal or family history of cognitive impairment
  • Personal or family history of birth defects
  • Triplets or higher order pregnancies
  • Questions about genetic testing options
  • Interest in proceeding with cfDNA/NIPT, a diagnostic test, or carrier screening

If you would like more information about genetic counselors, click here.